Providing self-sustainable, botanical and integrative health care answers to underserved populations around the world, and preparing local communities for self-reliance in disaster and post-disaster situations.

Herbal Medics Boston is the first local chapter of the Herbal Medics non-profit. Our focus is to build a sustainable team of local responders, well-trained in first aid and emergency response skills, herbalism and community health care, and primitive engineering skills to assist in a post-disaster scenario.

If you’d like to be part of the team, or just to learn some skills that will help you be more self-sufficient if disaster strikes, contact us for more information, or come to one of our events – you’ll find a listing below!

thumb_IMG_2680_1024Herbal Medics Skill Drill training sessions
Each month we’ll learn and practice a new skill to keep you on the ball. You’ll find instructional videos for each skill of the month on this page – you can review the current month’s skill online before the training session so that you’re ready to start practicing!


Herbal Free Clinic, May 15th 2016
Herbal Free Clinic
Every month, we host a free clinic: students with advanced training get to practice their skills in a supervised environment, and community members get access to free herbal consultations!


Comprehensive training is available in clinical herbalism, herbal medicine making and apothecary management, tactical and combat emergency medical skills, wilderness first responder certification, off-grid water filtration and off-grid food preservation training, fire skills, shelter building, and more! These classes are hosted by the CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism in Boston, MA, and at The Human Path in San Antonio, TX.